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Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Lord Byron's Prophecy

Lord Byron's Prophecy, Sean Eads

"... readers will be engrossed by Eads’s skillful weaving of the past and present through the troubled psychology of sympathetic, fully human characters."

Publishers Weekly

I'm dead chuffed to see Sean Eads's Lord Byron's Prophecy get a very nice review in Publishers Weekly. Where I've been doing the book doctoring for a while, this is the first novel I can officially say I was a proper bona fide editor on. Steve Berman at Lethe Press brought me in to give some feedback, and I immediately saw exactly what that review picks up on. It's a complex novel, very hard to summarise in plot terms, but fascinating and compelling stuff, powered by all manner of psychological tensions and, yes, with a real richness to the characters. Sean was an absolute pleasure to with too, open to all the suggestions I made, so I'm well happy to have been a helping hand in getting the book to its finished state. Anyhoo, it's available now for pre-order, and I encourage you all to go get a copy set aside for yourself. It's well worth checking out.


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