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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

FABBLES: 1... A Wee Sneaky Peek

I thought I'd give yez a wee glimpse at the interior of FABBLES: 1, the chapbook what I've made as a wee stocking filler for your very own self, your nearest and dearest, or sod it, anyone as ye might care to buy a pressie for this Chrimbo. Cause who don't love some bloodthirsty indestructible Victorian urchins?

So, here we gots the speshul edition's added extras: the as-yet-undecorated (verso) bookplate page, which yer Scruffian of choice shall be unleashed upon; and the facing (recto) page, with a wee illustration and the "Copy __ of 26" legend ("Speshul Edition" from copy 27 onward.)

These won't be in the trade edition, so if ye wants a one-of-a-kind copy, personalised to yourself or a friend from some scamp, scrag, scallywag or scofflaw, get yer order in--see here for details. And just to give yez a wee look-see at the rest of it, here's the title page and first page of the first story as a little taster.

So there ye go. And ye can't get more seasonal than this little heartwarming opening tale of waifs and wild ones, shivs and sausages. What better way to spend Christmas day than snuggled up with yer crib-mates, sipping eggnog laced with liquid ecstasy, whiles yer fabbler fibs yer a fabble of Scruffian adventurings, straight from the horse's mouth... or from Gob's gob, leastways?



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