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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WFC Schedule

Thursday 0935: Is chilled red still drinkable? BA flight from Glasgow to Gatwick. The panel members explore whether the red wine provided with snacks in-flight is palatable despite being inappropriately chilly. Is there any way to warm it? Can you fit two into a one hour flight? Join Hal Duncan as he attempts to answer that question.

Thursday ????: Hello! We're here! Come to the informal icebreaker entirely unarranged and hosted by no one in particular, commencing fuck knows. All we can say for sure is that at some point things will be kicking off in the hotel bar. Or at least, having kicked already, I expect, I'll come daunering in and go all excitapuppy over folks I haven't seen in yonks. And then there will be beer. Oh, yes. There will be beer.

Thursday 1700: Oh, I actually have an actual panel...

Does Anybody Still Read Genre Poetry? (Cambridge) Seriously, outside an ever-dwindling circle, does anybody really care about genre poetry in the 21st century? Is it an art form that as had its time, or is there still an audience out there for people scribbling away in their garrets? Panel: Shimon Adaf, Alan Ashley (mod.), Jenny Blackford, Hal Duncan, Jo Fletcher.

I'm reliably informed by Amal El Mohtar that the answer is "YES!" so this shouldn't take long, and hopefully I'll be back at the bar right sharpish for MOAR BOOOOZE!

Thursday ????: Hang on! I got an incredibly generous offer of hospitality from the awesome Neale Grant, bless him, so I'll have to get my stuff to his flat at some point between arrival and dinner, so I might be away from the bar for a bit. Still, it remains the best place to look for me if you want to sign up for a...

Beerblether: Slots available all weekend! No waiting list! No fiver for coffee and custard creams! Just turn up at the bar and say hi. It's like a kafeeklatsch, only it doesn't make you want to say Gesundheit! whenever someone says the word! Spend aaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll the time you'd ever want with THE.... Sodomite Hal Duncan!! himself. I'll even sign your books for you, if you don't want to wait for...

Friday ????: The Mass Signing. Oh, just look at the programme thingy for where and when. I'll be there somewhere.

Friday ???? + ????: The bar? Room parties? A drunken haze outside the hotel having a quick ciggy? Fucked if I know. I'll be wherever the festivities are at. If I'm not, come find me and TELL ME WHERE THE FESTIVITIES ARE AT!

Saturday... oh sweet lord Jesus Fucking Cock...

Saturday 1000: The Best of All Possible Worlds (Cambridge) So you've come up with a cool plot, you've created some characters that the reader will really empathise with, and now you're ready to put it all together in a location of your imagination. Edgar Rice Burroughs had his Barsoom, J.R.R. Tolkien had his Middle-Earth, H.P. Lovecraft had his Innsmouth and J.K. Rowling had her Hogwarts. So just how do you go about creating a believable milieu with its own history, culture and politics? A panel of world-builders will tell you how it's done… Panel: Hal Duncan, Robin Hobb, Ellen Kushner (mod.), Patrick Rothfuss, Robert Silverberg, Adrian Tchaikovsky.

Yeah, they put me on a panel at ten in the morning. OK. I can do this. I can be sensible at ten in the morning. Or I can be awake at ten in the morning, at least. I'll do my best not to be a completely incoherent shambles in the depth of my hangover. But if anyone knows where to find a glass bottle of Irn Bru in Brighton, do let me know.

Saturday ????: From here on in?

Expect carnage.



Anonymous Dave said...

Pretty sure I've seen something labelled Irn-Bru in a Sainsbury's in Brighton, but it came in cans. Which I seem to recall you saying is wrong.

10:16 pm  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...

I have posted a brief explication of the wrongosity of vessels that are not glass bottles--albeit cans are less wrongous than plastic bottles. ;)

11:14 pm  

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