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Monday, July 29, 2013

Nine Worlds GeekFest

I'll be down at Nine Worlds GeekFest, at the Radisson and Renaissance Hotels at Heathrow, most of Friday 9th to Saturday 10th August (arriving Friday afternoon, leaving Saturday evening.) It goes without saying that for the most part you will find me in the bar having a drink, or outside having a smoke. Actually, if there's any sort of area you can combine those two activities, that's far and away you're best bet for finding me. I am however also doing some Proper Convention Stuff. So, yeah...

My Schedule

Friday 17:00-18:30, George II&III: Queers Dig Time Lords Book Party

Queers Dig Time Lords: A Celebration of Doctor Who By The LGBTQ Fans Who Love It brings together essays by award-winning writers to celebrate the phenomenon that is Doctor Who. Come and meet the authors, get the book signed, and discuss the importance of Doctor Who for queer fans over a glass of wine. Tell us what Doctor Who means to you for a chance to win a copy of the book and its sister anthology Chicks Dig Time Lords!

Friday 20:30-21:45, Britannia: Electric Spectra: a queer poetry gathering

A friendly poetry session in our cosy Queer Library. Grab a pint, bring some friends, and share some poems! (18+ session)

Saturday 15:15-15:45, Britannia: We Are the Media*

Building New Sodom

Hal Duncan suggests** that, with recent controversies putting a spotlight on prejudice in fandom (and the world at large), misrepresentations and exclusions in narrative play no small part in fostering inequality, that if we want a (sub)culture that's truly inclusive, we need to acknowledge a systemic problem in fiction itself, recognise that a fifty-year long struggle is not over yet.


* The hour-long slot is split into two half-hour slots. I believe I'm up first, with Ruth Pearce and Kirsty Lohman afterwards, giving us a "look at the Riot Grrrl movement, its limitations and its legacy." Which sounds cool.

** Yes, "suggests" may be something of an understatement here. If you've read any of this blog at all, you should know what to expect. Scroll down and look at the immediately preceding entry--July 14th. Yeah, that. And you remember that post on Da Vinci's Demons? That guest post on the SFWA website way back when? I'm not sure I have a topic so much as a target.



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