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Friday, January 29, 1999



A way away over fields of illusion is this city, far ago & now here, on the edge of blueblack night & sea...

Built by bitmites in an afterworld of myth and history, the city has been known by many names in its time—Urauk, Enoas, Babalon, Atlantium, Byzantis, Arom. Its truest name though is Errata, an apt name for a city in which language itself has been unleashed to shatter and reshape identity, where even space and time are in flux.

Collecting for the first time, and revising for this edition, all four stories in the ERRATA sequence—“The City of Rotted Names,” “The Prince of End Times,” “The Whenever at the City's Heart,” and “The Tower of Morning's Bones”—this chapbook is a cubist collage of wordplay and worldblazing, a mosaic narrative of the battle for the city of the soul. Here, fans of VELLUM and INK can delve deeper into the mythos of The Book of All Hours, while new readers will find a stand-alone story, a wild ride into the worldscape of a work described as “the Guernica of genre fiction."

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