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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Cowboy Saints & Other Lost Wonders

So I find out from Gary Gibson over at Brain in a Jar Books that The Cowboy Saints & Other Lost Wonders, a short story collection gathering together some of the fine collaborations of Phil Raines and Harvey Welles is now out on ebook:

Available now at Amazon UK or at Amazon US, it's more than worth the few bucks it's going for. I know because I've read it. Read it? Why, I wrote the intro, which is up to read now at Gary's blog:

Part of me wants to start this intro with a personal story, an anecdote of An Adventure With Phil, involving a miniature sarcophagus with plastic hippos for feet and a shovel hidden in a banjo case for a trip through town in the dead of night. Or the story of an abandoned railway tunnel aglow with hundreds of tea-lights. Or of statues of Teutonic knights gifted with golden eye-shadow and lip gloss. More. Part of me wants to sketch in a half dozen illustrations of the imaginative spirit behind the stories you’re about to read – or one of the imaginative spirits at least – as if to say: See, knowing this, now you get where all the weirdness is coming from, don’t you? It makes sense now, right?
But such truth would be a lie, I reckon, an explaining-away...

Go read it, if ye fancy. Or just go buy the book and read it there.



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