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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Upcoming Events

Not just one but two -- count em, TWO -- evenings of spoken word shenanigans for THE.... Sodomite Hal Duncan!! coming up this month, for them what's in Glasgow and inclined to pop out of an evening. First off, I'll be at:


The Garage


8:00, Thursday 17th November


Expect a Hal resplendent in top hat and tails. The somewhat scruffy top hat and tails of a rather dubious sideshow storyteller who might also go by the name of the Magnificent Mister Fox, a rakish raconteur and all-round bad seed. It is cabaret, after all. A little hint of Jonathan Pryce in Something Wicked This Way Comes may be in order.

Anyways, I shall be joining the likes of How To Swim, Scunner, Homesick Aldo, The Glasgow Glam Bangers, The Creative Martyrs, and Mia & Phillipe / Rufus & Ben (the line-up may have been changed one way or tother, I think,) for a spectacular spectacular, a packed evening of live entertainment all the way to midnight... and with a DJ kicking out tunes till 3 after that, I do believe! Awesome!

But, wait! There's more! There's also:




The 13th Note


8:30, Wednesday 23rd November


To lazily quote the venue copy:

WOUNDED KNEE - The much celebrated Wounded Knee is Drew Wright, a singer and experimental vocalist now based in Glasgow who has been active since 2004. Drawing from a variety of influences his music ranges from stripped down folk balladry to abstract improvised vocalic stravaigs. Primarily a solo performer, he accompanies his timeless melodies with loop pedals and the haunting drones of the Shruti Box. A true treat for the heart and ears.

HAL DUNCAN - New Weird Sci-Fi and fantasy novelist/poet kicking out some serious spoken word jams with an articulated passion and venom-singed red hot pointed-poker like no other steamy pirate on the block. We're talkin some mischievous greek gods getting their hump on the go. Hal shall be bringing us his sordid tales from latest poetry collection - Songs for the Devil and Death. [Will it be erudite filth or antichristian agitprop? Wait, who am I kidding? As if most of my work isn't both!]

ANDREW RAYMOND DRENNAN - Tales of loss, tragedy, abandonment, boyracers, awkward deflowering and imaginary time travel underpinned by at once dark and subtle humour give way to heart warming instances of emotional resurrection and connection on Paisley council estates. Sometimes. Andrew is the author of both Cancer Party and The Immaculate Heart.

DE SELBY - De Selby sees Alistair Beith break rank from the Second Hand Marching Band. Exploring, musically, the implications of quantum mechanical effects in the meta and macrophysical world and bringing his own delicate, yet considered songwriting to the fore. Beith is a key contributor to the Tannahill project with Alasdair Roberts, Wounded Knee, et al. Right in there doll!

So there you go. Come one, come all! Come see the geek himself -- and you do know I've always meant geek in the traditional meaning here, right? Mmmm, chicken heads. Lovely, lovely chicken heads.

Snickety-snack and PTUI!



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