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Friday, October 08, 2010


Talking of The Lucifer Cantos...

So I was out at a gig last night -- The Cosmic Dead, The Wee Rogue, Ug!, and Pyramidion headlining. (Can't find a Myspace for Pyramidion, sadly.) I missed most of the second band -- singer/songwriter, actually -- but what I did hear sounded cool; sorry I didn't hear more indeed. Caught the rest though, and they were all stonkingly awesome. I was especially stoked to see The Cosmic Dead have increased their line-up. Last time I saw them -- back in June, I think -- it was just James, Josh and Julian, which was immense as is; but now they've got Euan from The Radiation Line, another guitarist and a fiddler on board, and the result was motherfucking epic.

And so, afterwards we got to chatting about collaborating on some monstrous Moorcock/Hawkwind style sounds, with my words over their audio assault.

And so, today I got listening to some of the tracks on their Myspace page... and got a few minutes into Horus before I had to stop it, take it back to the start, open up The Lucifer Cantos, hit play and start reading.

And so, this evening I got an mp3 of "Horus" into Garageband and laid down a rough reading on a second track. It ain't mixed for shit, cause I wasn't going to arse about when the actual musicians will do a damn sight better job of it than me. But in terms of how the words and music fit together? Oh, man, I'm loving the result. Fired it back to James and he's pretty keen on it too.

So I might well chuck the finished version up here shortly, if the guys are cool with that. And I might well have to memorise the motherfucker, cause we're reckoning it would be fucking great live. In the meantime, ye can check out Horus sans lyrics on the linked Myspace page. Hell, ye should go check out their stuff anyways. Psychedelicious it is, mate. Psychedelectable even! Peachy fucking keen!



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