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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Lucifer Cantos

I arrived home from Finland yesterday, with a long, slow bus journey back from the airport, through pissing rain, to a pile of bleh-inducing bills. Thankfully, included also in the post that arrived while i was away was this little antidote to the post-jaunt blues:

Yes, the limited edition of The Lucifer Cantos is now available from Papaveria Press! And a little beauty it is too. Black and red faux leather binding, with blood red endpapers and fucking gorgeous layout throughout:

If you want to read the text, of course, it's all up on the blog right here, so feel free to go check it out and, if yer tempted by my diabolic ditties, why then, go ye and buy. Tis £30 plus £3 postage -- from the UK to anywhere in the world -- for one of the 24 copies available. Oh, and even if yer not up for that, the link to Papaveria above also takes ye to a wee interview that might be of interest, wherein I blather (possibly too revealingly) about my... somewhat ranty approach to poetry. What can I say? Blake with his angels, Yeats with his gyres... all my favourite poets had a hint of insanity to their inspiration.

Anyways, I fucking love working with Erzebet Yellowboy, cause her handmade books are just a joy to hold in yer hand. So I am a very happy puppy indeed.

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Anonymous Toni said...

Hope you had fun in Turku and got a lot of Moominmeat to eat!

Just had to order The Lucifer Cantos as a birthday present to me. Eh...


Rock on, man!

12:57 pm  

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