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Monday, August 02, 2010

Carnival and Cabaret

Over at John Coulthart's blog, I discovered this rather cool tune by The Irrepressibles, "In This Shirt." John has the sexier video, (if yer tastes run to hot young manflesh,) but in delving through YouTube I came across this alternative video -- actually a section of a movie soundtracked by aforesaid band. Being a lover of all things carnivalesque, I thought it was nifty enough to post up.

Also, the greasepainted faces remind me that tonight (it is Monday now, isn't it?) I shall be performing at Spangled Cabaret in the Cafe Rio from 8ish. I'll be doing some sordid sonnets, so it should be fun. Looking forward to seeing who else is on the bill too. I finally made it along for the first time last month and it was rather swell.

Oh, and I should probably have been livening up this currently torpid blog with blather about my compering of a charity night at the 13th Note last Wednesday there, and how it all went swell and we raised a fair wee sum for Ayrshire Cancer Hospice. But I been busy, I fear, battering out the next column for BSC Review, which should be posted shortly. So, yeah, in the meantime, just enjoy some nice music, and normal service will be resumed shortly.



Anonymous Martin said...

Oh yes, this was a sweet tune with a beautiful video. Carnivalesque is certainly le mot du jour - or life - for me...... In Stockholm, we have just finished our Pride week, but I am still feeling happily queer.

I would love to be there and listen to sordid sonnets!

11:00 pm  
Anonymous Matt Cresswell said...

I first discovered The Irrepressibles playing at the excellent Latitude Music Festival, where you would come across scattered members of the group playing slightly sinister ambient music in shadowy dells of the woods, before finally materialising wordlessly on a floating stage on the river to perform together. Pleasantly surreal, and I've loved them ever since.

11:28 am  

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