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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Record Store Day

Today is, in case you didn't know, Record Store Day. So here's my love song to record shops everywhere.

This is from Nowhere Town, of course, the number that introduces Puck in Act I. It should really be done with four voices at least, including or plus Jack, with each verse sung by a different "Regular" at the Vinyl Fix Record Shop (in Nowhere Town, population: zeros). And there's actually additional lyrics written for Puck to sing in harmony with the later verses, to try and build the song a bit more to that big ensemble finish. Sadly, we didn't have the necessary voices or the time to thrash out that sort of layering in the demo version for Beth and the rest of the University of Chicago Theater Group, but Neil and Francis have a grand stab at the basic song.

In terms of the Record Store Day thing... the original lyric of the song, in the bit just before the ensemble finish was "Cause I'm a junkie for the sound, and the record shop / the local Fopp / I'll never stop / the record shop's my man," Fopp being my personally beloved Temple of Music. That wouldn't really make sense to anyone outside of the UK though, who'd be wondering why the fuck Puck was singing about his "local fop." But, yeah, this one goes out my Holy of Holies, Fopp, and to all those wee indie record shops out there -- past, present and future -- supplying us junkies with the purest high in the world.


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