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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

A Not-So Sekrit Projekt

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you may remember "Flions and Meep," my Edward Lear-ish poem, written for my cousin Kerry's kid, Jack, with the aim of maybe, hopefully, one day becoming an illustrated children's book. Well, by the wonders of Twitter I came across the awesome talents of Eric Orchard, who has a blog on which you'll find some truly tasty sketches, mainly of work in progress, and a portfolio of full-colour painted illustrations that got me thinking. Go look at the portfolio, where I'm loving, in particular, the top-right painting, "Rat Pirates."

Go on.

So, anyways, I got in touch. And we got to talking. And while it's really way too early to be excited, given that there's no guarantee a publisher will bite on the proposal that's not even put together yet, we both seem to be as fervently keen as the other to combine my words with his images. And since he said he didn't mind me blabbing about it, I couldn't resist pointing at his work and saying, Look! Look! We're going to try and sell "Flions and Meep"! My text, Eric's illustrations, all wrapped-up in one dark, dreamy kid's book.

Which I think would be just plain awesome!

Right now I'm wetting myself at the thought of even just the sketches.


Blogger Gary Gibson, science fiction writer said...

That is some brilliant stuff there, actually.

11:33 pm  
Blogger Colin Meier said...

My first thought was : Hal wrote a poem for kids??

After the trembling and shivering stopped, I read it.

It's perfect - just the sort of thing I would have loved as a kid. Okay, I kinda like it a lot now at age 35 as well...

And those illustrations are the perfect style for your poem, as well as being quirky and humorous in their own right.

Much good luck, Hal!

5:14 pm  
Anonymous Kerry said...


9:45 pm  

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