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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Upcoming Events

Got a couple of gigs lined up next week, so if yer interested, come along. First off, there's a wee "meet the author" thing at a lovely indie bookshop in West Kilbride. If there's buyings, there'll be signings, and if there's questions there'll be answers, but I'm basically going to take a grab-bag of assorted reading material, reckon on 30-45 minutes worth of short pieces, but be ready to do an extended set if it seems called for. I always feel more performing and less pontificating is good. Anyways, the details:

Tuesday 23rd February from 7.00 pm
Books in the West
89 Main Street
West Kilbride
KA23 9AP

And then, the very next night, there's the latest Word Dogs. Which should have been happening this week, but alas, the venue we were settling into suddenly changed ownership, and is currently closed. Never fear! The valiant junta managed to sort out an alternative venue, so the anti-Valentines Word Dogs will be going ahead, and chockful of readings it'll be, so I hear. Since the theme is "Weird Love," if all goes to plan I'll be doing some sonnets I like to introduce as inspired by two of my greatest loves -- the classical mythology of ancient Greece and the gay pornography of the Czech Republic. They're filthy. And yet erudite. The details:

Wednesday 24th Feb, from... 8.00 pm? I think.
Weird Love
Art Bar Glasgow (formerly known as Art De Caf)
The Old Sheriff Court Building,
Brunswick Street,
Glasgow G1 1TF

So, yeah, that's the schedule for next week. Hope to see you there if you can make it.


Anonymous Tonedef said...


I loved your reading of "The Sonnets of Orpheius" this evening at Books in The West.

Thanks for taking the time to come back to the cold dark hell that is Ayrshire to give us a much needed injection of kul-chur.


11:05 pm  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...

Hey Tony,

Thanks! I had a great time myself. Twere a pleasure chatting with ye.

There's some freebie recordings of the sonnets under Audio Downloads, btw. Help yourself. :)

1:48 pm  

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