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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nowhere Town: Libretto and Soundtrack

In celebration of Beth, Tristan and all those involved in getting the proposal passed for the University of Chicago Theater Group to perform the musical later this year, I thought I'd post up a page with the complete soundtrack. The libretto is available here, while all the vocal tracks can be accessed for download through this shared folder.



Anonymous Garth said...

Could you please re-upload these. I would really love to hear them and read the libretto. Unfortunately the links have expired.

6:45 pm  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...

Hi, Garth. Ah, yeah. I shifted the tracks to Soundcloud for the better embedded doohickey. Are they not downloadable from there? They *should* be, but I may have bollocksed up the settings somewhere. Drop me another comment if so, and I'll look into it. (Heading out shortly, so no time to check right now.)

The libretto's available as a Kindle ebook--see the link in the sidebar to the left. It's only 99¢ or something, if I recall correctly. (Sorry, gotta keep the wolves from the door, and every little bit counts.)

But yeah, drop me another comment if there's problems with that.

7:09 pm  

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