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Monday, February 01, 2010

Funny or Freaky?

Fellow GSFWCer Mike Cobley sends me this link to an article in The Independent. Like anything concerning the whole "ex-gay" thing, it's so crackpot that part of you wants to just mock the eedjits. With quacks asking questions like "Any Freemasonry in the family?" in their search for (spiritual) "causes" how else can you react but with derision?

(The Elders of Sodom are most miffed at what is clearly yet another attempt by International Freemasonry to steal credit for the good work of other Illuminati conspiracies, in this case the advancement of the Homosexual Agenda. The connection between the Elders of Sodom and that jumped-up faction of pretenders was severed with the Albigensians. OK, yeah, we had a few agents among the Templars, and there may still be some... projects going on through the Funny Handshake Brigade, but we have agents everywhere, dude!)

But when you see the name of Richard Cohen pop up in this sort of shit (again), it stops being funny and becomes freaky. And not in a weird-and-wacky way, but in a creepy, connected to the Ugandan Gay Extermination Bill way. Even without the NHS referral stuff.

(Damn it, we're going to have bump Project Lightbringer up the agenda. I must remember to bring it up at the next meeting. Surely we can all agree now that the memetic assassination of God is our top priority!)


Blogger Colin Meier said...

That was a very good article in The Independent. I know how powerful the bond between therapist and patient can be. To see it twisted like that sends a shiver down my spine. What's revealing is that the male therapist admitted his own "difficulties" with remaining straight. What a horrible thing he's done to his family, and quite intentionally. Dunno if you watch it, but Dexter had a solution to manipulative therapists...

11:58 am  

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