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Friday, January 08, 2010

The Scruffians Project: Alfabetcha in Epub

Just a quickie to say "An Alfabetcha of Scruffian Names" is now available in epub format for anyone as wishes to donate. (If ye'd rather have that than the pdf, just do the Paypal thing then drop us an email saying so from the address attached to the account.) The story's not too far from the primary target now, so a few more donations might well put it online for one and all, but with the way donations have tailed off, I'll be surprised if it reaches the secondary target, to be honest. We shall see.

Meanwhile, I'm confused that people are confused by terms like "clunky" or "liquid" applied to prose.



Blogger drxray said...

totally off subject but; How's Assault On Heaven! coming? Any progress or updates?

7:59 pm  

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