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Friday, December 18, 2009

Should Gays Be Ex- SHUT THE FUCK UP!

I'm not even going to link to the BBC "Have Your Say" thing on Uganda. Seriously, that shoddy-ass gutter-press bullshit ain't worthy of anyone's eyeballs. Should blacks be lynched? Should women be raped? Should Jews be gassed? Should BBC employees be forced to watch their loved ones being tortured to death?

For fuck's sake.

Have this instead, a link to a news story about how fucked-up those ex-gay nutjobs are.

And better still, this, an interview with the survivor mentioned in the article:


Blogger Colin Meier said...

As much as I dislike the way the BBC phrased it as a question (to which some idiots responded in the affirmative, of course) I think if you view it as a way to make people aware of what's happening in Uganda, it was pretty effective.

Tasteless, yes, but effective (which is a recipe that should appeal to The....Sodomite, surely?)

I'm still not sure whether that was the best way of doing it.

The issue of 'the question' also allowed the Guardian to report it in a slightly sensational way (although of course it could be said the Guardian is preaching to the choir --- and now I have images of altar boys in my head...sigh)

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