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Saturday, December 05, 2009

A Scruffian Christmas

So I just sent out a wee bonus story, "A Scruffian Christmas," for anyone as has supported the Scruffians Project with donations up till now.First off then, this here's a heads-up to yez all, in case I missed anyone off the email. Give it a sensible time for any aetheric shenanigans as that email might get up to on its way, then if it still ain't through, drop us a line from whatever address yer Paypal is linked to, and I'll say "D'oh!" loudly to myself and fire a copy out to yer. Secondly, though...

Well, see, this story won't be going up for download, I'm afraid, as it's a pressie and all, but I'll be including new donors up till Hogmanay, so if yer donates for the current story, "An Alfabetcha of Scruffian Names," yer gets "A Scruffian Christmas" alongs with it yeah? But since it don't seem very Christmassy to make it all about the money, I figured in the spirit of the season, I'd allow for them as ain't got no dosh what they can afford to donate, and for them as would rather donate that dosh to a worthier cause than some scallywag fabbler like meself. Like a charity for littl'uns, eh? So, I reckons as anyone what gives summat on me Christmas List, gets a copy of "A Scruffian Christmas," yeah? That Christmas List being:

  1. Guinness. Obviously yer has to be in Glasgow for this to work.
  2. Linkage on yer blog / LiveJournal / Twitter / whatever. Don't need to be nothing special -- I ain't bribing yers for a rave review -- just enough to get the word out. Email or comment below to point us at it; and don't forget tell us where to send the story.
  3. Terry's Chocolate Orange. Cause it ain't Christmas without a Terry's Chocolate Orange.
  4. Guinness. What? I likes Guinness.
  5. If yer can draw, why, an home-made virtual Christmas card, on a Scruffians theme, like -- that'd be peachy. We likes pictures, us Scruffians. Especially with us in em. Just stick it up on them interwebs or summat and send us a link.
  6. If yer can write... well, ye've read at least the preview of the Alfabetcha, ain'tcha? So tell us your Scruffian name, and a little bit about yerself. Ye've gotta play the game right, thoughs -- one hundred words 'xactly, else the cracks in the pavement'll open up and the crackodiles as lives in em will get yer!
  7. Guinness. What? I told yers I likes Guinness.
  8. A Paypal donation to yours truly, for the Alfabetcha. Natch.
  9. A donation to a charity as we thinks would be appropriate. Forward me that confirmation email thingy what they sends when yer donates to either Great Ormond Street Hospital or Barnardo's. The confirmation as I got through meself from GOSH didn't have no card details or nothing, so there shouldn't be no worries with privacy. Barnardo's ain't set up for me debit card, the silly sausages, so I can't check; but if there's any details as ye don't want me to see, just delete em.

Anyways, yer gets the idea, right? If yer going for the charity thing -- or ye wants to know where's to send the Chocolate Orange! -- ye'll find me email if yer clicks on the "view profile" link under me mugshot. And if yer skint as a scamp's knees in Summer, remember there's always 5 and 6. So yer can't draw or write for toffee? Well, it's the thought that counts, ain't it?

That's what Christmas is all about!



Anonymous Rebekah said...

Hello. Since I'm broke I recced you on my facebook here:

As an under eighteen year old with no job i doon't have money or credit cards anyway, so I created a facebook just for your writing. You should feel special since I made a pact a while ago to never make one. Conforming is boring.


P.S: I would ask to join the Elders of Sodo, but I think I'm a little too young yet, not reall old enough to be an elser of anything.
Email is:

9:52 am  
Anonymous Rebekah said...

P.P.S: Very sorry for the typos, didn't notice them till after I posted.

9:54 am  
Blogger Sulla said...

you have been linked from my blog for ages: Somewhere on the right side. If you are up to it, you can send it to alexestelle AT hotmail DOT com.

Or you can buy me a pint of Guiness if you ever come to Stockholm.

1:03 pm  
Anonymous Sam Kelly said...

You sent me out the story, but I couldn't turn down a suggestion like that. Will get meself set up with a proper blogroll eventually!

Eight Finger Edward

“Don't call me Eddie”, he sez. So we all does, cos he can't punch straight on account of not gettin' Fixed till after the biscuit-box machine chewed up and swallowed the first two fingers on 'is right 'and. The factry owner 'adn't 'eard about the Stamp before that, y'see, so feeding the machine was gettin' kinda spensive for 'im, findin' new kids every week or two. After that, no worries – an' if a tin or two came out covered in blood an' bits, well, it just saves on red paint, dunnit? Nice an' shiny, colourful, like, for Christmas.

7:17 pm  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...

I doffs me cap to yer, so I does. Downright edifying, that were, mate. Bless yer!

4:10 am  

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