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Monday, November 09, 2009

Review of Wilde Stories 2009

In which very nice things are said about me own contribution to Steve Berman's Best of Gay Speculative Fiction:

... if you were to read down my annotated contents page you'd see a range of numbers between one and five, and then a heart and exclamation point against this title. There's a lot of strong writing in this collection, but Hal Duncan is my discovery of the volume ~ the author whose works I had to go out and start hunting down immediately. It's not just an excellent and powerful story, it's also spot on to my tastes, and had me completely entranced.

So, hurrah!



Anonymous Steve Berman said...

One of the reasons I embarked on Wilde Stories was to introduce readers to new storytellers. I'm glad to have accomplished this for the reviewer (and, no doubt, others).

5:49 pm  

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