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Friday, November 27, 2009

Busy Busy Busy Busy

Yeah, I've had a busy week with a couple of cool gigs. One I went along partly to catch up with Rafe of the sorely-missed G-Plan, who'd kindly agreed to help us out with scoring a fiddle refrain for Nowhere Town, and partly just to catch his new band, Tattie Toes, who were awesome. Even better, when I caught up with Rafe before the gig in Stereo, he introduces us to the other band members, and as the lead singer turns around I recognise an old friend, Nerea, who I was on a photography course with in... oh... 1994 or 1995? Haven't seen her for five years or so. So that made the gig super-extra-awesome. The next night it was Three Trapped Tigers in Nice 'n' Sleazy's, which was also awesome, the band's epic sound being... well... kinda reminiscent of prog, I thought, (I mean, anything with four chords or more is prog, far as I'm concerned, mate, but this was like... three keyboards or more, yeanno,) but without the lyrics about space wizards and shite like that.

Anyhoo, yeah, so now I don't have time to write anything particularly exciting and interesting, cause I have a column to finish for BSCReview, and a 600 page MS to read and report on as part of my first foray into the world of professional MS critiquing services. So, until such time as I have actual content, scroll down to the previous entry and go pick up some free Scruffians stories (if you haven't already.) You Americans have some Tanksgiving sale on today, right? Well, these are free! (Apart from the latest, but that costs as little as you want to pay, and doesn't involve getting crushed in a stampede. )

Or alternatively, (or also,) just go and look at Jeff Ford looking crazyFREAKINGCRAZY!



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