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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Home from Helsinki

And too whacked to say anything more than how awesome it was, and that from now on I am to be known as Moominhal. Cause trolls can be Scottish too, right? Or do I have to move to Finland to qualify? Cause, yanno, I didn't want to leave. There were tears at the airport; I shit you not. Ask Moominhanna.

Anyway, before I crumble into bed and sleep for... well... all the time I have before heading off to France, I thought I'd let you know that "Jack Scallywag" is also now available in epub, Word doc, and rtf.

At least, it should be if my brain isn't so pickled that those links don't work.


Blogger jukkahoo said...

'Twas fun having you here! Bad for liver though. :)

Enjoy Utopiales, too!

3:49 pm  
Anonymous Toni said...

Absolutely amazing! Hal rules!! Rock on!!!

A killer visit!

3:56 pm  
Anonymous J. Ahlroth said...

Hello Hal!

Thanks for the interviews - both offstage and onstage.
It was entertaining and insightful. Kind of like your books.

9:06 am  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...

Hey guys!

It was a total pleasure. I'm hoping to get a chance to actually blog about it properly now that I'm back -- though, by fuck, I've got so much catch-up to do now -- but in the meantime... yeah, Jukka, Toni, it was awesome to see yez again. And both interviews were a joy, Jussi! Hell, I'm sure the success of Vellum at the Book Fair had more than a little to do with your article. :D Also, if I'd only known at the time -- you've written a book on Lordi, right? Oh, if only I could read Finnish! :D

5:22 pm  
Anonymous J. Ahlroth said...

I was very happy to hear how good the Fair went for you. It seemed to be a bit of a snowball effect, with my story being there to push it along.
And it was Toni who wrote the praising review, published together with the interview.

Yes I did write a book on the lovely monsters, in 2006.
If you'd like, I'm happy to send you a copy.
Even though you don't read Finnish, it's got loads of big colourful pictures of the monsters, in great quality.

5:43 am  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...

Well, I'm never one to knock back a freebie. :D

If ye drop us a line at the email on my blogger profile, I can send you my snail mail. That said, no worries if ye don't get round to it. I might be able to make a little sense of *some* languages, but Finnish... not a chance. I just think it's a cool notch to have in yer belt.

7:07 pm  

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