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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Almost There

It's been a week since the last reminder, "Jack Scallywag" is real close to making the publication target now, (less than three pints of Guinness away, indeed,) and I'm off to Finland tomorrow, so I thought before I head off on me own adventuring, I'd throw out a wee reminder of the Grand Experiment, see if I can catch anyone what might still be swithering or might even have just missed what I'm trying out in online fiction terms. For the benefit of the latter: paid for by the Paypal donations of readers, a 3000 word short story, "Scruffians Stamp," is freely available in pdf form for download from that there linkee. Take it, read it, and if ye like it, well, there's more where that came from. Right now, all's you gotta do is chuck a few quids (or bucks) my way via the "Feed the Madman" button and you get a spiffy pdf of the 6500 word short story "Jack Scallywag" (preview here). No minimum donation, every donor gets a copy sent ASAP, and if donations reach the set target of, in this case, $200 (basically 2/3rds of the 5 cents per word pro rate set by SFWA,) then the story gets made available to one and all, to all and sundry even. You can, of course, hold off on the principle that others will chuck in that last three Guinness-worth what's needed, but if everyone waits, well, nobody gets. And since I'm testing out strategies here, one of em strategies might well be the odd story as incentive/bonus for them as donates. So go on. Ye know ye want to.


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