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Friday, September 18, 2009

A Spectacular Spectacular!

Been working on some more of the music from Nowhere Town, and I thought I'd share the results with you again. So, first off we have Francis as Jack in Act I, singing this joyful little ditty about how lovely it is to live in Crapsville, Wherever.

Dicks, Pricks and Fucking Hicks:

Then, again with Francis, we've got the closing number from a gig by Jack's band Fagsmoke ("Where I'm from fag means cigarette," says Jack, innocently,) sung with... um... tender sensitivity to Puck.

Suck Me, Fuck Me, Chuck Me:

And here's Jack's contribution to a Karaoke night in Hell:

The Shape of Things to Cum Again:

But it's not all rock'n'roll! Oh, no. We gots the sad ballads too. Like this one, Puck's big solo number from Act I...

Another Day:

That's Mr Neil Williamson on vocals, by the way. And as a special treat, here's Neil doing it all on his lonesome piano. Really brings the song alive, I think, having it played with a bit of emotion rather than just spliced together out of loops.

And hey, what's a musical without reprises, duets, medleys? And, baby, this is all three, a reprise/medley of Puck's theme -- Junkie for the Sound -- and Jack's -- Nowhere Town -- sung by Francis and Neil, with Ms. X giving the Fates' backing vocals.

One More Chance:

And, finally (for now), to close it all off an a rousing ensemble number. Yes, all the main cast together on the virtual stage of the interwebs. We gots...

Jack: Francis
Puck: Neil
Proprietor: Ms. X
Chorus: yours truly
Fates: Ms. X

The Battle of Jack's Love:

And I think that's probably quite enough for now.


Blogger Unknown said...

Enough? It most certainly is not! I'd pay two eyes and a hand to see this on stage. As it is, I'll take as many recordings as you can produce.

6:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying this, Hal. Thanks.

Jack sounds like how I thought Puck would sound, by the way. It is interesting.

8:03 am  

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