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Thursday, September 10, 2009

More Music

Yes, I thought I'd inflict more of my Waitsian wailing upon you. But hey, on this one it's compensated for with the ivory-tinkling tunefulness of Mr Neil "Pianoman" Williamson! So it actually sounds pretty frickin groovy, to my mind, if I do say so meself. Major kudos to Neil for bringing this one to life.

That Great Big Sanatorium in the Sky:

And, oh, now this one actually has some real singing on it, courtesy of my good mate Francis Lopez who, as far as I'm concerned, truly fucking nailed this song. Francis has been a fucking star in this mad project, taking time off work to come round to mine and thrash out the tunes I'm reaching for. This is the first one we worked on, and I gotta say I think he makes an amazing Jack on it.

Beautiful Dream:

So, yeah. A huge thanks to Messrs. Williamson and Lopez!


And while we're at it, a huge thanks also to *mumble mumble*, who's happy for me to share but doesn't wish to have her name attached on account of being embarrassed at the sound of her own voice. Though there's absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about here, as far as I'm concerned. Even over and above the singing, there's an awesome Dietrich vibe to Ms. X's performance, which I think is most apt for the Proprietor. It's well-sung and well-acted. What more could I ask for?

The Oblivion Waltz:

Oh, and that's Mr Williamson again on piano, by the way.


Anonymous coffeedryad said...

Awesome again. I really hope this project makes it all the way, I'd love to buy a whole album of Nowhere Town. I'd only say, though, that Ms. X reminds me more of Lotte Lenya than of Marlene Dietrich.

6:50 pm  
Anonymous bob said...

Love it man :)

10:18 pm  
Anonymous Al said...

That's great - lovely piano from Neil, too. I'd love to get Graan to Glasgow to do a joint musical / metal night sometime!

10:14 pm  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...

Heh, now that *would* be interesting. You should totally come up for the Halt Hijack that my mate, James from the Radiation Line occasionally organises as a weekend of noise rock /experimental mayhem. Graan would fit right in.

7:08 pm  
Anonymous Al Robertson said...

That sounds very cool - when's the next one? Our next gig in November, in Herne Hill, so I'm writing stuff about Herne for it. Our big problem - how to get horns on the other vocalist! (he's wilder than I am and thus Hernier) Sorry for slow reply, btb, don't have email reply trigger thing working on blogger, dammit...

5:17 pm  

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