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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hal Duncan, Columnist

So, yeah, a couple of weeks back I got an offer from Jay Tomio that I thought sounded kinda peachy -- a regular column over at Book Spot Central. No holds barred, no limits (other than the obvious legal ones, of course,) write about whatever you want. Why, that does sound interestig, I thought.

And thus was born Notes from New Sodom.

The aim is for this to be a proper monthly column. (I would have posted this up on the 1st, but thought I'd leave it till after Outer Alliance Pride Day.) It is, as you'd expect, not the shortest column in the world, but we'll see if I can't wean myself off the wordcount over subsequent months. And hey, it doesn't have the parchment backdrop that people keep complaining about as making it hard to read here. (For the record, I kept meaning to lighten up the jpg I use as wallpaper here a shade, but since I switched to the Mac I don't have the image editing software to do it. So unfortunately, yer stuck with it for the moment.)

Anyhoo, I have Grand Plans for where the column's going over the next year or so, in terms of laying out my take on this whole malarkey of genres and communities agglomerated under the rubric of "sf," but you can also expect me to be wandering off that path now and then to waffle about the same sort of random shit you'd expect to find me ranting or raving about here. And no doubt there'll be the odd occasion when Behemouth is let loose to run amok with discourse grenades and gatling guns of opinionation. So, yeah... fun and games, mi amigos. Fun and games.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like your background, but then, I cheat and use Readability to clear everything away but the text.
Looking forward to the column!

6:56 pm  
Blogger Harry Markov said...

Well it will most certainly be another exercise in being patient and not skim. Congratulations! :)

12:05 am  
Anonymous Sarah said...


Love the column.

6:10 pm  

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