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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Lucifer Cantos 9/13


Let us, my band, I said, expand
our theme, the brand on you and me
the rage, the glee, to understand
the woven strands of I and thee.
We are, they sneer, the sting of bee,
a mote in eye, a buzz of fly,
upon on his hand the bite of flea?
Well, we will see, is my reply.

Will kings comply with lord’s command?
Will thieves deny, will brides agree?
Will dirt obey his grave demand?
Will seas defy his grand decree?
And will you stand or bend a knee,
to sigh and cry before you die,
or live the lie with beggar's plea?
Well, we will see, is my reply.

The streams run dry on poisoned land,
where stands the angel of the key,
in hailfire strafing spume and sand
as fish rot on a wormwood sea.
With end days nigh, the mountains flee.
The horsemen ride out of the sky.
Will sin defile the second tree?
Well, we will see, is my reply.

O'er gardens of the bourgeoisie
there rules a king of ulcered thigh,
Will slaves rejoice his jubilee?
Well, we will see, is my reply.



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