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Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Lucifer Cantos 8/13


When I took earth and you the eve,
when you were apple, I the snake,
when you made me, the world to wake,
did we defy, did we deceive?

Death smiles his answer: you and I,
he says, are all was ever true,
the spine and nerve of I and you;
the grave and guts will never lie.


I deal another hand. I hold
the three of wands, the chalice king,
and muse upon that tripled thing,
the slayer, sacrifice and soul,

the father, son and holy ghost
we forged to serve with words of light,
blind to the tidal surge of plight
that, in a blink, begat a host.


Behold, this captain at his hand!
Behold, the peacock angel's pride,
the phoenix from the eagle's side
sent out to scorch unholy land.

All libraries are Babel's towers!
All citizens walk Sodom's streets!
All history's the march of feet,
and all must kneel to hawks of power!


Dogs howl communion to a crimson moon,
I think of hellhounds in a shimmering noon.



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Hey there, this is nice. Also enjoying Vellum very much. Thanks.

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