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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Imaginales 2009 Schedule

Where all my panels and interviews were focused on the first day or so of Utopiales, it looks like my schedule for Imaginales 2009 is mainly focused towards the end — on the Sunday. I’m guessing there will be signing events or something similar over the rest of the con, right enough, and you’ll know where to find me when I’m free (i.e. where the booze is at / where the smoking’s at). In case you’re interested in my panel pontifications though, here’s what I’ve got scheduled as it stands:

Dimanche 17 mai

11 h 00 - Magic Mirror / Café littéraire
Et Dieu dans tout ça ? Foi, (in)tolérance et fanatisme…
(Babelfishy “translation”: And God in all this? Faith, (in)tolerance and fanaticism)
Avec Pierre Bordage, Hal Duncan, Andreas Eschbach, Maïa Mazaurette

The subject’s fairly self-explanatory, and I think we all know where I stand on this. I think we all also know what state I’m likely to be in at 11.00 on Sunday morning. A shambling, sweary figure of debauchery, attacking religion with a blithe disregard for potential offence. Bring the kids! It’ll be Sunday-School-tastic!

16 h 00 - Magic Mirror / Café littéraire
Quand l’imaginaire s’empare des mythologies… aux racines de l’humanité ?
(Babelfishy “translation”: When the imaginary one seizes mythology… with the roots of humanity?)
Avec édouard Brasey, Fabien Clavel, Hal Duncan, Marianne Leconte

Not entirely sure that Babelfish is doing its job here. May just be a general discussion on the uses of mythology in imaginative fiction — in the context of Imaginales I’m assuming l’imaginaire is intended as a genre term in the mode of “the fantastic” — but the “roots of humanity” might indicate a specific angle, no? Like “roots” as in prehistorical foundations or “roots” as in psychological deep structure. Either of which would be interesting.


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