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Monday, April 20, 2009


Pimping for meself: it seems that my story, "The Behold of the Eye" is on the long (and I do mean long) list for the Million Writers Award. Which is nice.

Pimping for my good mate Robert "Bob"/"Bert"/"Bobberty" McDowell and his Electric Top Hat games company: it seems that Electric Top Hat's second iPhone game, Tocco Robo has just been released. You can see some YouTube malarky of gameplay here. It looks like the sort of thing I'd get completely addicted to, so I'm almost glad I don't have an iPhone. For those of you who do... go on; support a fledgeling games company that's not an evil corporate bastard working its coders to the bone; you know you want to.


Blogger Bob said...

Sweet news, Hal.

I read that story recently, and got a big kick out of it. Good luck!

11:09 am  

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