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Friday, March 27, 2009

Imaginales 2009

This has been confirmed for a while, so I've been meaning to get around to posting the details. But didn't. Hey ho. Anyhoo... I'm happy to say I've got another trip to France in the offing. I'll be in Paris on the 14th May, appearing at the librairie Scylla from around 18:00. Don't know what the format of this will be -- informal chat, signing, song-and-dance routine, we shall see. But come along and say "hi" if you're in the area. After that I'll be heading off to Epinal for Imaginales 2009, hurrah! Looking forward to catching up with all youz Continentals I was chatting with at Utopiales, if ye can make it -- and to the weather, which I'm guessing should be pretty nice that time of year.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still need to check out if my wallet can take the strain of the Imaginales, but I'll see you at Scylla :)

11:51 pm  

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