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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nowhere Town

So, in that huge-ass post about VELLUM and INK and holograms and musicals I was mentioning that I ended up doing a redraft of Nowhere Town after messing around with GarageBand got me obsessed with it again. Well, having now completed rough versions of all the fricking music in it too, I thought, fuck it, I might as well stick the whole fucking lot of it up on this here fileshare site. So, yeah, if you click on the link, you should find yourself looking at a folder with a PDF of the full libretto and a shedload of MP3s, all downloadable. And it seems like ye can embed the little buggers too, which is nice, so I thought I'd whack them up here for folks to check out without the palaver of downloading. (It's a free site so ye have to wait ten seconds at one point in the process just so they can show you some adverts.)


01 Overture

02 Prologue

(Not actually music. I just thought I'd throw in Chorus's opening dialogue for a larf. Don't worry; none of the rest of them have me on them. I'm not insane enough to think I can actually sing this stuff. Unless I'm really drunk at 4 am at some Nordic convention maybe.)

03 Nothing In My Sight

04 That Great Big Sanatorium In the Sky

(This one's a bit shite -- six minutes long and doesn't have the right vibe at all. Should have more of a "One for the Road" swing to the verses and way more gospelly uplift in the choruses. I didn't even try to do altered last chorus with the big finish, cause frankly the bastard was doing my head in. Oh, for the GarageBand Jam Pack that would have the Apple Loops I need to do this justice. As it is, it's only the completist in me that's putting this up; it's eminently skippable.)

05 Junkie for the Sound

06 Dicks Pricks and Fucking Hicks

07 Another Day

08 Nowhere Town

09 Suck Me Fuck Me Chuck Me

10 One More Chance

11 Tango for the Dead

(Again, not entirely satisfactory. There's fuck all in the way of tango beats in my Jam Pack deficient version of GarageBand, and the only loops that give a vague semblance of the melody are sorely lacking in oomph. And no accordion! You can't have a tango without accordions! Ah well. Bollocks to it. This, like "That Great Big Sanatorium in the Sky" will have to suffice as a sort of stopgap for now.)

12 Welcome to the Hellhole

13 The Oblivion Waltz

(Two loops in 3/4 time in the whole of GarageBand! Two fucking loops! How are you meant to do a waltz with that?! Sod it, just imagine a weird mash-up between this, "Tomorrow Belongs To Me" from Cabaret, and that "Oompa-pa" song from Oliver! This is a new song that wasn't in the first draft, btw; I thought the Proprietor needed a better entrance.)

14 Incubation

15 The Shape of Things to Cum Again

16 The Battle of Jack's Love

(There is a version of this with five tracks of my vocals fucked up in various ways at the end -- the bit where everyone's singing different lines over the top of one another -- because I wanted to test out whether the lyrics I had in mind would actually work there. But no one is ever hearing it. Laughing and crying is all part of entertainment, but I draw the line at inducing it with my tone-deaf singing, especially when it's been raised in pitch to sound like a very weird "female" voice. Still, it would actually work, I now know, if sung by people who could actually sing in key never mind in harmony.)

17 Love Lost and Found

18 Beautiful Dream

19 Best Days of My Death

So, yeah, there ye go. A full spectacular spectacular, replete with reprises, medleys and love conquering all... sorta. The lack of singing does mean yer not getting the full whack of what's inside my pointy little skull, and the fact that the songs are constructed from samples rather than being played by real musicians means they're lacking a lot of the qualities you only get with performance. But, fuck it, as... "sketches" of what the music should sorta sound like they should at least be enough to give you an idea.


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