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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Paper Cities

Paper Cities, An Anthology of Urban Fantasy

Just in case you hadn't already heard, or had forgotten in the midst of all the furore over this new Squid Punk anthology from the Vandermeers , PAPER CITIES, Kathy Sedia's anthology of urban fantasy is out today from Five Senses Press. Along with a whole bunch of stories which people will actually like, it contains one of my... well... somewhat more modernist pieces, "The Tower of Morning's Bones". A companion piece to the stories in Interzone, "The Whenever at the City's Heart", and the SOLARIS BOOK OF NEW FANTASY, "The Prince of End Times", and an as-yet-unpublished story, "The City of Rotted Names", it's the sort of thing you'll probably either love or hate. The whole cycle/sphere of stories is about the breakdown of meaning, the conflict of word and flesh, formality and formlessness, so, yeah, it may well read like utter wank to many. But, hey, the rest of the anthology is fucking tremendous, so go out and order it now. I promise you, you won't be disappointed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm gonna save this "the breakdown of meaning, the conflict of word and flesh, formality and formlessness" for further consult. Guess it will be necessary.:D

12:16 am  
Blogger Larry Nolen said...

I read Paper Cities a couple of weeks ago and am planning on reviewing it next weekend, if not earlier. I remember liking your story in it better than the one in the Solaris collection (haven't read the others yet and I'd have to re-read the Solaris piece as to remember what it was that didn't grab me about it), but I can't help but to wonder if part of it was due to me hearing that recording of you reading it aloud at the WFC. That was a good reading, by the way.

6:58 pm  

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