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Friday, December 14, 2007

A Long Shot

OK, this probably isn't going to work, but does anybody remember an experimental musical / rock opera thing from the late 80s / early 90s that was shown in a one-off TV adaptation on late night BBC2?

The way I remember it, it was set around a bakery, with the main character being a baker's apprentice or somesuch (but with big dreams of a life beyond bread maybe?). Anyhoo, I can't remember any more plot details than that, but I do remember this guy as looking kinda like Billy Corgan from the Smashing Pumpkins -- young, shaven-headed and round-faced in a cherubic sorta way. And I have a picture of him in my head looking pale as the moon against a black background.

See, I'm thinking that the whole thing, visually speaking, had a very artifical, staged look, sort of a Shakespeare's Sister / Dresden Dolls / Tim Burton vibe. I can't be any more specific, I'm afraid, but in my mind's eye I see dark backdrops, pale skin and metallic colour... an iconography of dark fairy tales (moons and stars), of Bradburyesque carnivals, Brechtian cabaret and a burlesque Christmas. Something kinda avant garde, a little bit glittery, a little bit goth. I don't know.

And annoyingly that's pretty much all I can remember. Musically, I think it was a contemporary sound, something pushing more towards experimental rock than Broadway torch songs, but I'm fucked if I can even remember a tune never mind lyrics.

But if the description rings any bells with anybody out there, I'd really like to know just what the fuck it was. Every time I see a picture of Billy Corgan I'm reminded of the fricking thing and I wish I could remember what the fuck it was called, cause I remember thinking it was actually kinda cool. But I've never been able to drag the memories up to the surface of my consciousness, and it's not at all the easiest thing to track down on Google with just a few keywords to go on. So if anyone knows what the fuck it was, help me out here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

David Lynch's "Industrial Symphony Number 1" ?

I dont recall the bakery image, but it certainly was 1990 ish, and a one off on BBC2. Your description of the music sounds right - Julee Cruise was kind of 50s torch songs with industrial backing.

2:22 pm  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...

Ach, I managed to track that down on YouTube and it doesn't seem to be the one I'm looking for. Still, it loooks kinda cool, so thanks anyway. :)

8:03 pm  

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