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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Vellum in German

Just a quick post to say that the German version of Vellum is now available in hardback from the independent press, Shayol.

Hats off to Hannes Riffel for this translation. Even not knowing the language, when I was over in Berlin last year and got a look at some of the text, I was easily able to spot some of the neat alliterations and rhythms he's built in, the way he's tried to capture some of the subtler features of voice. With that and the amount of work I know, from the emails between us, that he put into the translation, I just wish I could read German myself to appreciate it properly.


Blogger Swanosaurus said...

I just received my copy of the German edition. It's the most beautiful book our small press has published yet. And also the best one, of course (not kidding).

BTW, on it's backcover, it simply says (roughly translated): "Why we exist. Why there's love and pain. Why our world is about to end. Do you want to know?" As I'm told, Sascha Mamczak from Heyne (the press that will publish the upcoming paperback version) came up with this. The hubris! I'd so buy it! But I already own it, ha!

BTW: I haven't been here for some time, and now I'm a little surprised that nothing much has happened. Which at least gives me a chance to catch up on The Halls of Pentheus.

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