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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Talking of Pimpage and Blurbage

Joe Gordon at Forbidden Planet International just did one of his "What The Author Says" spots on Alan Campbell, who (poor fella) is just about to walk that Next Big Thing hype/backlash razor's edge with his debut novel, SCAR NIGHT, which I've recently both blurbed and pimped. Because I liked the book, ye see.

Meanwhile, I just finished reading a pre-pub manuscript of Jay Lake's novel, MAINSPRING, which I shall also be pimping and blurbing (assuming the editor considers the phrase "fuckload of fun" acceptable parlance in the medium of burbage). Funny enough, this is also because I liked the book.

It should, perhaps, be borne in mind that both books contain Grand Visual Conceits, airships and angels. Apart from that, and apart from the fact that they're both great reads, they're entirely different, of course. It's just that... well... Grand Visual Conceits, airships and angels... I am, I confess, a sucker for such things. Cities on chains over abysses, clockwork worlds with giant brass gears... mmmmm, nice.


Blogger Unknown said...

I live in a city that swings from chains.
It gets draughty, sometimes.

Hal, I'm stuck reading a book I don't really wanna be reading, and Vellum just won't let up giving me these puppy-dog eyes from the bookshelf. Soon. I'm very excited to read it. I manage to pimp things *to* myself much better than those marketing types can manage.

I'll let you know when the transition from blog fan to Vellum fan is complete...!

12:29 am  
Blogger paul f cockburn said...

Grand visual conceits, airships and angels.

What about dinosaurs? (Or is that just me?)

9:01 pm  

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