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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Fantasy Magazine

Looks like Fantasy Magazine #4, will be the "Duncan Issue" -- heh. I just heard from Sean Wallace that he's accepted my story "Bizarre Cubiques", to run alongside an interview I did with Lynne Jamneck. Which is nice.

I really like the interview actually; Lynne came up with some great questions that hadn't been thrown at me before, so the result is one of the most personal I've done so far, touching on my childhood in Hellwinning and suchlike matters. And the story... well, I'll be interested to see what people make of it. It's an out-and-out homage to Guy Davenport in many ways, with a lot of his essay-meets-fiction fusion of modes, and similar concerns with art and history; and, as anyone who read my "Strange Sentences" essay can probably tell by the title, it's full-on, balls-out Modernism. So sue me... I likes me them Cubists.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's cool, man. looks like we'll be in the same issue--i've a novelette in it called 'under the red sun', which is about morticians who find dead bodies and take them to giant cities to be burned. i should get you to blurb it ;)

3:17 am  

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