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Monday, April 24, 2006

so what duz this do?

Hey! Jack! Jack! Look, we can post stuff. Let's post links to sexy pictures!

Fuck that shit. Let's post links to EXPLOSIONS!

Boooooring! You're soooo repressed.

Least I'm not a slapper.

Just a pyromaniac psycho. :P








Arse-Enemy of the State!

Arse-Angel of the Seventh Heaven!

Noah's Arse!

Raiders of the Lost Arse!

Arse You Like It!

Arse if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared!

Arse I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted--

Arse the honourable Member of Parliament for Kentigern knows full well--

All You Need Is Arse!

Oi! That doesn't work. "Love" is nothing like "arse".

That's not what you were saying last night.

Ya wee nyaff. I'll--

Ssh. I think Hal's coming back.


Sorry. False alert.


I'm bored now. Let's do something else. Let's change the title of his blog!

Works for me. How about "Quotes From The Freak Show"?

"Scrotes From The Peep Show"?

"Tokes From The Cheap Blow"?

"Chokes From The Deep Throat"?


He'd kill us, wouldn't he?

He kills us anyway in half his fucking stories. Fuck him. Anyway, I know what to change it to. Out the way.



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