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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nowhere Town: Epilogue

Epilogue: A Gig

Lights come up. JACK and the band are onstage, as at start of Act One.

SONG: Best Days Of My Death

Bouncy upbeat Californian ska-punk. Horns in the chorus.


When I was younger, so much younger than today,
I needed help, and I mean in a psychiatric way.
I bounced around the padded cell that was inside my head.
But then I found the cure for everything… is being fucking dead.

And so I took myself inside and had a suicide of mind.
Ripped out every little scrap of life and soul that I could find.
I killed myself when I lost my heart.
But one poor boy’s end is someone else’s start.
Live fast, die young, I said.
But my last word on my last breath
Is: These are the best days of my death.

When I was twenty-one, it wasn’t fun to be a schizo fag.
In a disco scene of beauty queens is really not my bag.
Hated everything I was and I just wanted it to end.
Then a little voice inside my head said Death can be your friend.

So I sold my soul for scrap and threw a party on its grave.
Now I don’t need to take the crap, cause I was lost and now I’m saved.
If life’s a bitch, just put that bitch to sleep.
Don’t take their pitch, just take a fucking leap.
Live fast, die young, I said.
And my last word on my last breath
Is: These are the best days of my death.

And now I’m thirty years of age and all the cages I once made
Lie in the ruins of my rage, and in a past I blew away.
These are the days I thought I’d never see.
But now I’ve found that death can make you free.
Live fast, die young, I said.
And my last word on my last breath
Is: These are the best days of my death.

So kill all your dreams.
Kill all your lies.
Kill all your hopes
And you’ll soon realise
If there’s nothing to live for
There’s nothing to lose.
There’s nothing to hold you but you.

These are the best days of my death [repeat until end]

JACK starts bouncing around the stage, jubilant, celebratory.

Enter the same actor that plays PUCK, but in a different costume, as a crowd-surfer. As the bouncers are about to hustle him off, JACK beckons him up onto the stage. The two start skanking their asses off as the band keeps playing the riff.

Enter CHORUS, as a crowd-surfer. He skanks his way up onto the platform to join JACK and PUCK.

The REGULARS – i.e. the rest of the cast – break through the barriers and we end with everybody up on the platform.

Cast members give their bows.

Final curtain

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very cool. But I can't read any of it because of your background wallpaper! LOL!


9:35 pm  
Blogger neil williamson said...

If you ask me...that's the plan!

12:31 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo! C'mon, when's it coming to Broadway then?

4:55 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Words are boring. Wallpaper is pretty"
-- Fast Puck

2:37 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Feh. Nearest this'll get to Broadway is that drunken bum, Duncan, singing in the street when he's in NY next month.

2:38 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ignore him. He's just jealous cause he's hardly in it. We're gonna rope Mr Williamson into doing the music, and then we're gonna do the Fringe, and then some Big Time Producer will see us and he'll say, "Why, I must do this on Broadway for surely it will be an overnight sensation", and then we'll all go to America and I shall be a STAR!!!

2:40 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aye, right.

2:41 am  

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