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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Nowhere Town: Act TWO Scene VI

Act TWO Scene VI: A Hospital

Lights come up. GUY and JOEY sit at the table stage-left. JACK and CHORUS stand on the platform, CHORUS wearing a doctor’s white coat. The door stands on the edge of the platform. CHORUS walks through and approaches GUY and JOEY.

CHORUS: He’ll be OK. If you hadn’t been there… I hope he knows how lucky he is.

JOEY: Fucking Hell mend him. He better bloody know. [pauses] But, he’s going to be okay, yeah?

JACK walks forward to stand in the doorway, facing the audience.

SONG: A Beautiful Dream


I had a dream
I dreamed my heart was a ghost
I dreamed the devil my host
I had a beautiful dream

I must have been dead
Cause I knew that I was in hell
I went there under the spell
Of the most beautiful boy

I had a dream
Dreamed of a love that I lost
Dreamed of a song I once found
That had the most beautiful sound

I had a dream
Of the love that I left behind
Dreamed I went down there to find…
I had the most beautiful dream
I had a dream

JACK walks back to the centre of the platform.

CHORUS: You can go in and see him if you want.

GUY and JOHNNY go to the doorway. They enter.

GUY: What are you doing up?

JOHNNY: Fuck’s sake, man, you should be in bed.

JACK: Ah… fuck that shit.




What happy endings can there be in such a tale as this?
To break the heart of Death, to steal a kiss?
Love conquers all? If only that were true.
All we can hope for is a dream, a last adieu.
And so we’ll end this tale so sad before it drags too long
Unless... of course... you were to ask for… one more song?

REGULARS: [offstage] One more song… one more song… one more song…


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