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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Hoorah! I got my first guest spot at a convention! Yes, I shall be propping up the bar by invitation at Mecon Nine, a wee convention taking place in Belfast from the 4th of August to the 7th. Ian McDonald and Ken MacLeod will also be there as guests, amongst others (and with more being arranged hopefully, I understand), which is well cool.

With Eastercon coming up in less than a month, Wiscon in May, Mecon in August, and WFC as a *serious* temptation in November (it might be stretching the budget but at the moment I'm reckoning fuck it; if I have to live on gravel for a few months I can do that; I just gotta make it to Austin), it looks like being a serious convention year. Hell, Fantasycon's looking quite tempting too; with Gaiman and Barker both being there and all, there might be a rather, um, Vellum-friendly audience in attendance ("Angels, you say? Gay angels, you say? Oh really?")

But could my bank balance handle all these cons without the day job? Fuck that; could my liver handle all these cons?


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