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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Last Week's Apocalypse

You are Shopping at the End of the World

If you want to understand how the disorder

spread from the Lloyd Center Mall to the rest

of the city of Portland, how the blood in our

Orange Juliuses became a radioactive haze in

the streets, you should start with what

didn't happen.

Nobody got hurt; like reverse neutron bombs, the

blasts only destroyed the architecture. Sure,

people died in the riots, people were

trampled to death, there were gunshot wounds,

lacerations from broken glass, and heart

attacks, but the explosions themselves didn't

produce even one casualty. There was

absolutely no destruction of organic life at

all. Even the moss on Portland's sidewalks,

the planted oak trees and pines, the weeds

and grasses in vacant lots, were spared.

Death was missing and so was smoke. There was no

smoke. Somehow Portland burned without


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