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Saturday, July 30, 2005

Scotia Goes Nova

T-6 days and counting.

Keith Brooke at Infinity Plus has -- wonderful man that he is -- put up a special Worldcon Issue, guest-edited by Neil Williamson (yes, that self-same Neil Williamson who just the other day was snapped up by the John Jarrold Literary Agency, hurrah!). It's packed with goodies such as: a wee retrospective of the ten years since the last Glasgow Worldcon (which of course has a brief mention of ME); an overview of the Nova Scotia anthology (which has a story in it by ME); an interview with Michael Cobley, Gary Gibson, and ME; extracts from Mike's latest novel, Shadowmasque (also reviewed) and Gary's latest novel, Against Gravity; and an extract, of course, from Vellum... by ME!

Am currently perfecting my irritate-all-and-sundry Happy Dance.

Who's coo-ool? Who's coo-ool?
I'm coo-ool! I'm coo-ool!
Who's great? Who's great?

I've notice those word counter things on other writers' blogs or journals. You know, I'm gonna have to get one for my Insufferability Quotient. Hey, it's OK. I'll be out of my face on absinthe much of the con, so you'll have plenty opportunity to tar and feather me.

T-6 days and counting.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Glasgow! *weeps* So close, yet so far away. If I started walking tomorrow I might just make it in time for WorldCon. But then there would be the sleeping rough and the having no money and the smelling well-walked. Perhaps best not.

Still, I'll be in my local bookshop buying Vellum instead! ;-)

P.S. Your life is cool. Be insufferable. We'll just gaze on in blazing envy. :-)

8:28 pm  
Blogger AbbotOfUnreason said...

I found a shirt for you here

2:27 am  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...

Want one!

2:32 am  

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