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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Random Poetry Generation

... courtesy of BlogPatrol's "Last 20 Keywords" functionality. Rules are simple: a web search on yer name indicates a poem; the search above that is the title, anything below that (until the line above the next occurence of yer name, of course) is the text of the poem.

NB. It's kinda weird to see just how foul-mouthed I clearly am from the web searches which pointed people to this site.


show fucking

Hal Duncan

Fuck geek gonzo
blue remembered hills character notes
about being krushed
Peter Lavery
ford capri hells angels
Robo-Wank machine

friendly hostility

hal duncan

slipstream physics bike
Friendly Hostility
evil faggots
leather miniskirt
Speed cut with
derogatory terms for painters hacks

leather miniskirt heels

hal duncan

blue remembered hills notes
vellum horoscope edward ii


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