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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Dust Jacket

Arrived home today to a wee jiffy bag with two dust jackets. I think this is the finalised design for the cover, and if it is I'm well chuffed with it. The paper has a matt finish, slightly textured (like the proofs but not quite as gorgeously tactile), and the black lettering is embossed and glossy, almost metallic sleek -- like, I dunno, evil oil. I did really like the white-hot title on the ARC's but I love the look they've come up with for it here. I can't help thinking that Vellum would look great as a tattoo running down the inside of my left forearm (leaving the right one free for Ink, of course). Hell, I could be a walking advert during the summer months... assuming Glasgow is ever actually hot enough for me to shed my usual five layers of t-shirts, tops and various jackets.

Plus... it has my picture on the inside back cover. OK, that may be a reason for everybody else to not buy the book, but it'll give me endless narcissistic pleasure.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you shed all your layers, you would be non-existent! At least if you were seen from the side...

BTW thought this site might appeal to you

11:37 pm  
Blogger Hal Duncan said...

Nah, people would still see my nose.

6:49 pm  
Blogger Jason Erik Lundberg said...

Wow, that is a beautiful beautiful cover. I'm looking forward to this one.

1:41 am  
Blogger Cavan said...

Love the cover - definitely the kind of thing I'd take a second glance at if I saw it on a bookstore shelf.

4:33 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Promo postcards - who's da man!

Meant to say earlier - purty cover!

10:16 pm  

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