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Monday, March 14, 2005

Read All About It!

Cool! Glasgow's main local daily, the Evening Times, seem to have found an appropriate wee space to run the article they interviewed Gary Gibson, Mike Cobley and meself for during the summer. Not only that but it's actually a positive and balanced view of us as actual serious writers rather than as weird-freaks-what-dress-up-as-Klingons (we don't, I hasten to add). Bit of a pity they didn't name-check Duncan Lunan, to whom major credit is due for setting up the GSFWC in the first place along the Milford Rules... but column inches are expensive things, I guess. All in all, it's a pretty good "Dem Boys Done Good" article rather than "The Aliens Have Landed!".

I do look like a complete poser in me shades and scruffiness but, hey, that's fair enough. I am a complete poser.


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