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Thursday, August 26, 2004

"Time is a funny thing"

So I just signed a two-book contract with Tor UK. I've got the preliminary revisions for the first book, Vellum, just through from my editor. I've got a deadline for the second one, Ink, at the end of the year. I'm determined to meet that deadline so I can start the new year with a new project, but at the same time I want to get Vellum done and dusted as fast as possible because then maybe there's a chance, just a chance, that after all the edits and the copy-edits and the proof-reading and whatever complications might arise, we can launch it at WorldCon next year in Glasgow. That's WorldCon 2005, ten years since I first walked into the SECC - into the last Glasgow WorldCon - as a 22-year-old dreaming of the day I'd be doing the con thing as a bona-fide author. This somewhat crazy, hash-smoke-hazy 22-year-old with a fucked up idea for a Big Novel. Epic Fantasy meets Modernism. Finnegan's Wake goes cyberpunk. Four parts, each based on a season and a time - Summer Days and Autumn Evenings, Winter Nights and Spring Dawns. The Book Of All Hours, I was going to call it.

And now it's real - WorldCon, next year, and I could have my first book out for it, Vellum, The Book Of All Hours: 1. And I live in Glasgow, ye see.

Debut novel. Local author. WorldCon.

Peachy keen.

Yes. Imagine a puppy dog circling your legs and going to the front door and back again, and circling your legs again and going to the door again, and scratching at it, wagging its tail, barking, panting, are we going now? are we? are we? huh? huh? That's how I feel at the moment.

So what do I do, given that every single fucking moment in my life is precious time now, not to be wasted on mere fripperies such as, oh, my actual job, or any of that stuff and nonsense? I mean, I need time to finish off Ink. I've got to make the changes to Vellum ASAP. I need at least two-three nights a week in the pub, minimum. So what do I do?

I start a blog.

Yup, welcome to the crazy world of Hal Duncan.

Welcome to the Geek Show.


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