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Friday, January 29, 1999

One-to-One Creative Writing Tuition

BESPOKE tuition sessions available afternoons/evenings for those in the Glasgow area on all aspects of creative writing:
  • manuscript presentation
  • narrative prose
  • point of view/voice
  • dialogue
  • action vs. deposition
  • premises/worldscape
  • setting and character
  • passages/scenes/chapters/acts
  • general plot structure
  • the fantastic -- literary/commercial

HANDS-ON, one-to-one teaching from an award-winning, internationally-renowned professional:
  • novelist, short story writer, poet
  • songwriter, playwright, critic
  • translated and published around the world
  • winner and nominee in multiple high profile awards
  • judge in the 2012 British Fantasy Awards.
  • over twenty years experience in workshopping
  • professional editor with the Writers Workshop, providing in-depth feedback on manuscripts*
  • "Duncan has created, at the very least, the Guernica of genre fiction" -- Lucius Shepard on VELLUM
 TAILORED MENTORING: Geared to your skill level, working directly with your fiction and/or an example text, sessions will involve step-by-step study of the mechanics and dynamics involved in making bad fiction good, good fiction great. From the most practical techniques in writing narrative at the sentence-level, through to the theories that will help you see the shape of a story, you'll be taught the skills required to conjure your imaginings in a reader's mind.

RATES: £25 per hour for a 1-3 hour session. Discount for students.

CONTACT: to arrange an informal introductory meeting/session, free of charge.

* If you're not based in the Glasgow area, unfortunately email, Skype or MSN just can't replicate the dynamic process of one-to-one real-time tutoring with its constant feedback, so your best bet in the first instance is really to contact The Writers' Workshop, requesting me specifically for written feedback on your work. In lieu of the personal, hands-on back-and-forth, the in-depth critique & follow-up discussion offered via that route is likely of better value to you than a piecemeal email correspondence simulacrum of the same.


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